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"Finally, a simple way to build a log home! Paul and the staff of Old Hickory Log Homes has provided us with the straight forward information that made decisions easy. Everyone who sees our home is astonished by the quality and beauty that a log home can have."

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Custom Log Home Builder Boone Banner Elk Lake Norman North Carolina

Did you know you do not have to buy a log package to build a log home?
In fact, you will save money if you don抰!

How is Old Hickory Log Homes and Construction different from other log home companies?
1. Old Hickory Log Homes does not use predetermined manufactured packages for our homes. Purchasing this type of 搇og package?costs you more in materials and freight charges. Let Old Hickory hand select materials for your home. We have our quality logs cut to order and shipped to your site separate from all the other materials. The floor system materials have already been ordered locally, delivered without shipping costs, and installed before the log system arrives. Once the logs are stacked, the roof system is delivered in the same 搉o shipping cost?manner, ready to be installed. Now we are ready for the windows and exterior doors to be sent to the site. This approach of using local suppliers to provide the materials on all our homes, keeps the quality high and the cost low.

2. We are the material supplier and the licensed general contractor, so our warranty extends to both the labor and materials. This eliminates any confusion about who is responsible if an item is damaged or defective. If any material shortages occur, they are also our responsibility.

3. Old Hickory Log Homes and Construction is proud to offer (3) options to our clients: (1) Plans and materials only (2) Plans, dry in labor and materials (3) Turn key construction.

4. Our company offers numerous log profiles and a large selection of logs in different wood types for the construction of your home. WE DO NOT CONFUSE YOU BY INSISTING THERE IS JUST ONE WOOD SPECIES OF LOG TO BUILD WITH. There are many good log options and we will give you the pros and cons on them from the standpoint of not just a contractor but from the experience of living in log homes ourselves. Which leads us to number (5)-

5. WE LIVE IN THE LOG HOMES THAT WE SELL! 23 years of living in the homes we build has given us valuable experience in how to build you the best log home for your money.

What type of log profiles does Old Hickory offer?
By using the most up to date German milling equipment, our premium logs have some of the finest joinery options available from a member of the Log Home Council. Standard sizes range from 6?to 12?in diameter, and 6?to 12?in height. There are as many shapes as there are sizes, such as D-log, Round/flat, Round/round, arctic cope and the 6x12 dovetail. For homeowners who prefer the full round look, we have the custom Swedish cope style log that starts at 10?in diameter. All of these selections are just a start. Take a look at our profile page for examples and if you don抰 see what you like, give us a call to discuss what other options are available.

How is financing for a log home different from a conventional home construction loan?
There is a larger sum of money advanced from the loan in the early stage of the log construction process vs. conventional home construction. In log home construction, the logs are the main expense of the exterior dry in framing. A conventional home can reach the framing dry in stage for less. Not all lending institutions have the capability to release the additional amount for logs that early in the process. But, because we are licensed general contractors with a long history of completing our homes within budget, we have several excellent banks and financial companies that welcome log home construction. For our turn key clients, Old Hickory will also compile the breakdown of completed construction costs that the lending companies require to process your loan.

What type of log house plans does Old Hickory offer?
Old Hickory has several plan options. You may find the perfect home on our floor plan page. If not, we have over 100 different stock plans in our office that we can review with you. But if you are searching for that 搊ne of a kind?custom home, we will design a home just for you. Bring Old Hickory your ideas and let us help you find the perfect options to create the log home of your dreams.

What construction options are available through Old Hickory Log Homes and Construction, Inc?
Turn Key construction is widely selected by our clients for the easiest and fastest way to build your log home. Let Old Hickory be the one responsible for every aspect of your project, from plans to completion. We are the company that makes building your log home a pleasure.

A dry in option is available for the client that prefers to be their own General Contractor. Old Hickory will be the supplier of the plans and materials, and then act as subcontractor for your dry in construction. Standard dry in includes the sub floor system, the log system, and the roof system of the home. Our dry in has additional options available such as basement/foundation install, exterior trim materials and labor, deck materials and labor, plus site work grading, driveways, well and septic.

Plans and Log System Materials only is another option available from Old Hickory Log Homes. We will provide your floor plans, log drawings, and the materials you will need to construct the home through the dry in stage. On site consultation for you and/or your builder is available also.

Does Old Hickory have log homes available to tour?
Yes we do. Our office is located on Hwy. 150 in Denver, NC, just a short 10 minutes from Mooresville which is home to the majority of the NASCAR Race Shops. Just give us a call and we will be glad to share our quality craftsmanship while we answer your questions about log home living.


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