Custom Luxury Log Home & Timber Frame Builder in Boone, Banner Elk, Lake Norman, NC
Custom Timber Frame and Luxury Log Home Builder in Boone, Banner Elk, & Lake Norman NC

"Old Hickory Log Homes made building our log home a pleasure every step of the way..."

-R. Howard
Terrell, NC


Custom Log Home Builder Boone Banner Elk Lake Norman North CarolinaIn 1990, I had the desire to live in a log home and began the process of buying a log kit. With the purchase of the kit, I was given the promise of a builder who would build it into my dream home. That builder never came. Out of necessity and through perseverance, I took the log kit and built the home myself. My effort received attention from many individuals who were having the same problem getting their kits built into a log home, and they began asking for my help.

This experience, along with my love for the log home style, led me to selling log kits for a major company. I wanted to provide both log home materials and the construction necessary to get the home built. I found success in selling the kits for the package company, but I was very disheartened with the problems that would arise between the homeowner who had purchased the kit and the log package company. As the builder, I was in the middle. I knew there had to be a better way.

I realized that you do not go to an automobile dealer, buy a car kit, have it shipped to your home in crates, with the promise of a good mechanic to put it together. So why would you buy a log home in the same manner?

A homeowner needed a place where they could buy a log home, not just a log home "kit".

With that realization Old Hickory Log Homes & Construction was born. Located in the heart of  揘ascar Race Country?near Lake Norman, we have become the premier Log Home builder for this area. We offer turn-key, and dry-in log homes with the simplicity of conventional style homes. The response to our concept of clients working with one company that provides both log home materials and labor has been phenomenal. Being able to provide a completed log home for hundreds of deserving homeowners over the years has given me great satisfaction.

Our own dedicated craftsmen build log homes of outstanding quality. Each new encounter with a client and their unique home ideas, gives us an exciting challenge to accomplish what they may have thought was impossible. And we do it with great pride.

-Paul Norman


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Custom Luxury Log Home & Timber Frame Builder in Boone, Banner Elk, Lake Norman, NC
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